2015 CPP and PSP groups attending ISMI preparation programmes
2015 CPP and PSP groups attending ISMI preparation programmes


Aside from conducting distance-learning programmes for the Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) Level 6 Accredited Diploma, ISMI® has a very busy schedule of classroom-based programmes to prepare candidates for the challenging ASIS CPP and PSP certification examinations.

In 2015 over 30 security management professionals from the UK and beyond attended ISMI® classroom preparation programmes for ASIS certifications.  Despite the examinations being exceptionally tough, a very high first-time pass rate was achieved.

2016 Courses

ISMI®’s 2016 classroom preparation programmes for ASIS certifications offer very good value for money at £750 (+ VAT where applicable).   Aside from cost, advantages of selecting an ISMI® preparation programme also include:

Studying under the Guidance of an Experienced, Proven Instructor with a Strong Track Record

Your chances of passing first time significantly improve if you study under the guidance of an experienced and proven instructor. David Cresswell CPP PSP, Programme Leader at ISMI®, has been delivering CPP and PSP preparation programmes for over 10 years and has guided hundreds of candidates to success. Each year his courses are fully updated to reflect the latest changes in the certification process.

Minimal Disruption to Work Routine

The programme comprises a 3-day intensive session in class along with a home-study pack, so you can continue your studies at your own pace, fully supported by ISMI®.


Each student attending an ISMI® preparation programme for CPP or PSP will be assigned a mentor. This will be somebody who has recently passed the examination and who can provide useful guidance during the home study phase of the programme on how to study and prepare for the examination.

Study Notes

Candidates attending the classroom phase will receive a detailed handout pack covering key areas that they will likely encounter in the examination.

Home Study Pack

It is appreciated that long absences from the workplace have a knock-on effect, so classroom time is kept to a minimum and a detailed home study pack will help you prepare for the examination at your own pace. The study pack will include over 1,000 practice questions and you will form a support network with other learners in your cohort.

More information from Janet Ward enquiries@ismi.org.uk or navigate to http://www.ismi.org.uk/csmp/other-programmes-asis-cpp-and-psp.aspx to see which date option suits you best.